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Greater Brunswick & Core Physical Therapy

At Greater Brunswick & Core Physical Therapy, we provide holistic and physical therapy in a welcoming environment while utilizing the most current manual therapy techniques. Our staff has extensive knowledge and expertise, allowing us to assess and treat your primary injury and other affected areas of the body. This approach leads to a more complete resolution of symptoms and helps prevent future recurrence.

Whether it is your interactions with our front office staff or your treatment time with our clinicians, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Our treatments help to facilitate the healing process and we are committed to providing the educational and emotional support to help your recovery. Fully meeting our patients’ individual needs begins by thoroughly listening to your concerns and your priorities. Every day, both clinically and administratively, we strive to provide an exceptional patient experience.

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Rick Tetrev, Woolwich

"I'm Glad I chose Greater Brunswick PT" Rick Tetrev experienced chronic back and shoulder pain, even after surgery, and as a result could barely move his arm. Greater Brunswick PT helped him become pain-free and regain full range of motion “They were so great I asked...

Hubby Goodrich, Harpswell

"I'm Glad I Chose GBPT" After a total knee replacement, Hubby Goodrich chose Greater Brunswick PT on the recommendation of a friend. “I had sessions with three of the therapists and they all treated me with kindness, consideration and competence. With their help I’ve...

Shirley Davis

"I'm Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT" “In 2003 I had rotator cuff surgery which also involved having a tendon reattached and calcium deposits removed,” says Shirley Davis. “A friend who’d had a hip replacement recommended Greater Brunswick PT – Auburn, so I asked my...

Paul Monroe, Brunswick

"I'm Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT" Massage therapy student, Paul Monroe, chose to see Donna Maria Bordeaux at Greater Brunswick PT’s satellite clinic in Harpswell as part of his experiential training for the Downeast School of Massage. “The therapy room, with its...

Tisha Turner

"I'm Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT" Tisha had increasing pain and tightness in her shoulder, exacerbated by the long hours she spent in her car. Working with an osteopath, she got a referral to Greater Brunswick PT – Auburn. “Greater Brunswick PT and I had an...

Marc Rodrigue, Lewiston

"I'm Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT" Marc Rodrigue knew he would need surgery for the herniated disk in his back, but he wanted to postpone it until he was ready to take the time off work. “My wife sees Greater Brunswick PT, for chronic neck pain. She swears by...

Cheryl S.

"I'm Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT" “I felt 100% comfortable in Greater Brunswick PT’s hands,” says Cheryl S., a recent patient. “I experienced a sore coccyx after giving birth to my son and lived with the pain for two years. Finally, I got a referral to Greater...

Joan Krohn, Phippsburg

"I'm Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT" When Joan Krohn was experiencing hip and leg pain and having trouble sleeping at night, her doctor referred her to Greater Brunswick PT. “GBPT was just the ticket. They always explained the techniques they used and why, which...

Donna Blanchette, Woolwich

"I'm Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT" Last October, Donna Blanchette was in a head-on collision that landed her in ICU for three days. Among her injuries were whiplash and a torn ligament in her ankle joint. Donna worked with Jen at Greater Brunswick PT over a three...

Margaret McCloskey, Hebron

"I'm Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT" Margaret McCloskey lived with sciatic pain for years. Finally her doctor referred her to Greater Brunswick PT – Auburn. “My pain was gone after just a few sessions with Greater Brunswick PT. When I was through I transitioned...

Elizabeth Glover, Brunswick

"I'm Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT" Elizabeth Glover had a complete shoulder replacement and chose to work with Pam Morgan at Greater Brunswick PT – Auburn for her recovery. “I felt I was in really safe hands there and I had great confidence in Greater Brunswick...

Keith Ruona

"I'm Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick Physical Therapy" Keith was shocked when his doctors told him he needed spinal surgery or he would never walk again. But after surgery, he was still weak and using a walker. That’s when he started aquatic therapy. “Pool therapy has...

Dory Cote, Brunswick

"I'm Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT" Dory Cote was experiencing chronic pain from advanced arthritis in her right knee. When she heard that Greater Brunswick PT was offering aquatic therapy, she wanted to try it. “It was exactly what I was looking for – and more....

Sara Bumby, New Gloucester

"I'm Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT" Sara Bumby was experiencing severe lower back and hip pain in the third trimester of her pregnancy. “The baby was pressing on my sacroiliac joint and the pain seemed to get worse every day. It was so bad I could barely walk...

Claudette Rodrigue, Lewiston

"I'm Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT" Claudette Rodrigue was suffering from chronic neck pain and numbness in her hands. She saw an ad in the paper for Greater Brunswick PT – Auburn and decided to give it a try. “Greater Brunswick PT really helped my neck. I didn’t...

Mary McGloin, Brunswick

"I'm Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT" Mary McGloin suffered with neck pain for years. Last winter, when the pain spread to her right arm, a neurologist diagnosed cervical stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal at the neck. “The pain was so bad I couldn’t get to...

Jolanda de Levie, Orr’s Island

"I'm Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick Physical Therapy." Jolanda de Levie struggled for 20 years with increasing arthritis pain and stiffness in her hip joints. She heard about GBPT “through the grapevine” and asked her doctor for a referral. “In the course of two...

Betsy Fear, Bath

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT” Betsy Fear had pain and numbness in her hands for years, and was eventually diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. “I’d tried everything from acupuncture to massage, chiropractors to physical therapists. In my quest for relief,...

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