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Denise Bluhm, PT

Denise Bluhm, PT

Denise Bluhm, PT 

My name is Denise Bluhm.  I attended physical therapy school at the University of Evansville in Evansville, IN.  I graduated in 1999 with my Master’s degree in physical therapy.  I have worked locally for the past nine years and was happy to join Greater Brunswick Physical Therapy in 2011.

I enjoy providing hands-on, holistic care with compassion, kindness, and fun.  I specialize in and most enjoy providing craniosacral therapy that I blend that with other techniques including; manual lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, muscle energy technique, strain counterstrain, joint and soft tissue mobilization, and therapeutic exercise to help people achieve their goals.

I live a passionate life and feel very fortunate.  I am glad I found a career that allows me to witness and aid in the amazing healing potential of the human body.  When I am not working I enjoy traveling, rock hounding, hiking, and doing just about anything in nature.  Life is such an amazing experience that I try to live to the fullest.

Continuing Education

  • Reiki Level 1, Hearts and Hands 12/11
  • 1st Annual CST Retreat, The Craniosacral Therapy Alliance 9/11
  • Lymph Drainage 3, Chikly Health Institute 11/10
  • Fascial – Pelvis Myofascial Release, John Barnes P.T. 11/09
  • Myofascial Release 1, John Barnes P.T. 9/09
  • SomatoEmotional Release, The Upledger Institute 3/09
  • Lymph Drainage Therapy 1 and 2, The Upledger Institute 4/08 and 12/08
  • CranioSacral Therapy 1 and 2, The Upledger Institute 3/08 and 8/08
  • Sacred Spaces Clinical Foundations, The Neurovascular Institute with Cathy Holway P.T. 8/07
  • Differential Diagnosis and Manual Therapy of the Upper Cervical Spine and Headaches, IAOMT 5/07
  • Differential Diagnosis and Manual Therapy of the Lower Cervical Spine: Disc, Facet, and UVJ Pathology, IAOMT 4/06
  • Diagnosis for Physical Therapists: Screening for Medical Referral, APTA Online 1/06
  • Rehabilitation and Splinting of the Hand, Noelle Austin P.T. 12/05
  • Mulligan Mobilization with Movement Upper Quarter, Northeast Seminars 4/05
  • Evaluating and Treating Balance Disorders, Motivations, Inc. 4/04
  • Pathophysiology and Mechanics of the Shoulder, Robert Donatelli Ph.D. P.T. 11/03
  • Intermediate Lower Quadrant, NAIOMT with Erl Pettman P.T., 5/03
  • Strain and Counterstrain II, Extremities, The Jones Institute 4/02
  • Strain and Counterstrain I, Spine, The Jones Institute 10/01
  • Muscle Energy Technique and “Beyond,” Northeast Seminars 4/01
  • Integration of NDT, PNF, & Contemporary Neurological Treatment Models & the application of an Integrated Model to post-stroke Rehabilitation, The Dogwood Institute 7/00
  • Lumbar Spine, Sacroiliac & Hip joint Interrelationships: A differential Evaluation & specific manual treatment approach, The Dogwood Institute 4/00

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March 1, 2017