The offices of Greater Brunswick Physical Therapy and Core Physical Therapy are excited to announce that we are again scheduling appointments at our Topsham, Auburn, Lisbon Falls and Monmouth offices. Please refer to the COVID-19 menu tab above for further details about our efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. You can also view a brief video of our safety procedures.

Dory Cote, Brunswick

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT”

Dory Cote was experiencing chronic pain from advanced arthritis in her right knee. When she heard that Greater Brunswick PT was offering aquatic therapy, she wanted to try it.

“It was exactly what I was looking for – and more. Over the course of three months the pool work eliminated the muscle adhesions, spasm, and pain in my right leg. Greater Brunswick PT is  fabulous: highly competent, funny, and encouraging. I’m astonished at my own progress as well as that of others with whom I saw them work. I’m scheduled for knee replacement surgery and I can’t wait to begin my recovery. I’ll be back in the pool with GBPT as soon as the doctor says the word.” Thanks to aquatic therapy at Great Brunswick Physical Therapy, Dot Maybury has put away her wheelchair, walker and bed-side commode! This spunky 79-year old lady is now able to walk without a cane inside her home and has recaptured her independence and quality of life. “I even gave up my shower stool because I stand up now,” she said with a proud smile. Dot had become bedridden after a broken hip in 2004, a total hip replacement in 2005 and a serious fall in an airplane in May 2006. She had rehab and home health, but still dreaded falling so “I sat around a lot after all that,” she confessed. “Aquatic therapy has really helped me. It’s made me stronger. I can do more in the water than otherwise. And it’s given me more confidence. I can do exercises without worrying I’m going to fall,” she said. “I’m even working in my flower garden now!”