The offices of Greater Brunswick Physical Therapy and Core Physical Therapy are excited to announce that we are again scheduling appointments at our Topsham, Auburn, Lisbon Falls and Monmouth offices. Please refer to the COVID-19 menu tab above for further details about our efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. You can also view a brief video of our safety procedures.

Jolanda de Levie, Orr’s Island

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick Physical Therapy.”

Jolanda de Levie struggled for 20 years with increasing arthritis pain and stiffness in her hip joints. She heard about GBPT “through the grapevine” and asked her doctor for a referral.

“In the course of two months Greater Brunswick PT has managed to realign my hip joints and spine – I can now move parts of my body that were frozen before. I am amazed at the variety of manipulations they used. In my previous course of PT (out of state), I got the same treatment every time a hot pack followed by ten minutes of massage by a physical therapist, then another ten minutes with an assistant. At GBPT, a top-notch therapist spent the entire session with me. The results are as different as night and day. I feel 20 years younger.”