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“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT” ~ Betsy Fear, Bath

Betsy Fear had pain and numbness in her hands for years, and was eventually diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome.

“I’d tried everything from acupuncture to massage, chiropractors to physical therapists. In my quest for relief, I bid on a Greater Brunswick PT gift certificate at a fund raising auction. I felt results after the first session. Greater Brunswick PT did something no one had ever done—stretching my nerves in a new way. They also took the time to explain body mechanics, suggesting changes in my posture and daily movements. I no longer wake up in agony in the middle of the night, and the recurrence of numbness is far less.”

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT” ~ Cheryl S.

“I felt 100% comfortable in Greater Brunswick PT’s hands,” says Cheryl S., a recent patient. “I experienced a sore coccyx after giving birth to my son and lived with the pain for two years. Finally, I got a referral to Greater Brunswick PT—Auburn. They did a lot of work around the tail bone, loosening two years worth of tightness. They were very thorough, very professional. And their touch made a big difference. I can finally sit in the bathtub again pain free!”

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT” ~ Claudette Rodrigue, Lewiston

Claudette Rodrigue was suffering from chronic neck pain and numbness in her hands. She saw an ad in the paper for Greater Brunswick PT – Auburn and decided to give it a try.

“Greater Brunswick PT really helped my neck. I didn’t know how much pain I was in until it stopped hurting. I’m a hairdresser, so the numbness in my hands is a repetitive symptom. The PT was so helpful, I just wish insurance companies would pay for monthly maintenance appointments to keep repetitive issues like that in check. Now my husband is seeing GBPT for sciatic pain and he’s much better after only a few visits. The manual therapy really works well.”

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT” ~ Donna Blanchette, Woolwich

Last October, Donna Blanchette was in a head-on collision that landed her in ICU for three days. Among her injuries were whiplash and a torn ligament in her ankle joint. Donna worked with Jen at Greater Brunswick PT over a three month period.

“I received both regular and aquatic therapy and I’ve gotten a lot farther along than I expected. The pool work took weight off my ankle and made it easier to exercise. Greater Brunswick PT was always ready with alternative exercises if something was too painful. They make a great team. I continue to do the “homework” they gave me at the pool twice a week. I enjoy it—especially the hot tub afterward.”

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT” ~ Dory Cote, Brunswick

Dory Cote was experiencing chronic pain from advanced arthritis in her right knee. When she heard that Greater Brunswick PT was offering aquatic therapy, she wanted to try it.

“It was exactly what I was looking for – and more. Over the course of three months the pool work eliminated the muscle adhesions, spasm, and pain in my right leg. Greater Brunswick PT is  fabulous: highly competent, funny, and encouraging. I’m astonished at my own progress as well as that of others with whom I saw them work. I’m scheduled for knee replacement surgery and I can’t wait to begin my recovery. I’ll be back in the pool with GBPT as soon as the doctor says the word.” Thanks to aquatic therapy at Great Brunswick Physical Therapy, Dot Maybury has put away her wheelchair, walker and bed-side commode! This spunky 79-year old lady is now able to walk without a cane inside her home and has recaptured her independence and quality of life. “I even gave up my shower stool because I stand up now,” she said with a proud smile. Dot had become bedridden after a broken hip in 2004, a total hip replacement in 2005 and a serious fall in an airplane in May 2006. She had rehab and home health, but still dreaded falling so “I sat around a lot after all that,” she confessed. “Aquatic therapy has really helped me. It’s made me stronger. I can do more in the water than otherwise. And it’s given me more confidence. I can do exercises without worrying I’m going to fall,” she said. “I’m even working in my flower garden now!”

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT” ~ Elizabeth Glover, Brunswick

Elizabeth Glover had a complete shoulder replacement and chose to work with Pam Morgan at Greater Brunswick PT – Auburn for her recovery.

“I felt I was in really safe hands there and I had great confidence in Greater Brunswick PT’s professional ability. I knew that if I did the stretches and exercises they prescribed that I would get better and I did! They’re real healers,” says Elizabeth who has nearly regained full mobility in her shoulder and arm. “The staff was very generous,” she adds. “They encouraged me to come in any time and use the equipment and they accommodated my schedule with 7:00 AM appointments.”

“I’m Glad I Chose GBPT” ~ Hubby Goodrich, Harpswell

After a total knee replacement, Hubby Goodrich chose Greater Brunswick PT on the recommendation of a friend.

“I had sessions with three of the therapists and they all treated me with kindness, consideration and competence. With their help I’ve gone beyond the doctor’s parameters for flexion and extension. My knee is 95% back. Their practice offers more than just manipulation and exercise – it’s a very relaxing environment. And the insurance business went seamlessly. I gave them my information and that was that.”

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT” ~ Joan Krohn, Phippsburg

When Joan Krohn was experiencing hip and leg pain and having trouble sleeping at night, her doctor referred her to Greater Brunswick PT.

“GBPT was just the ticket. They always explained the techniques they used and why, which really enhanced the experience for me. Greater Brunswick PT also taught me how to manage the condition myself, through exercise and stretching. Everyone in the office is so caring and warm. I feel like I not only received excellent treatment for my pain, I made real friends.”

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick Physical Therapy.” ~ Jolanda de Levie, Orr’s Island

Jolanda de Levie struggled for 20 years with increasing arthritis pain and stiffness in her hip joints. She heard about GBPT “through the grapevine” and asked her doctor for a referral.

“In the course of two months Greater Brunswick PT has managed to realign my hip joints and spine – I can now move parts of my body that were frozen before. I am amazed at the variety of manipulations they used. In my previous course of PT (out of state), I got the same treatment every time a hot pack followed by ten minutes of massage by a physical therapist, then another ten minutes with an assistant. At GBPT, a top-notch therapist spent the entire session with me. The results are as different as night and day. I feel 20 years younger.”

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick Physical Therapy” ~ Keith Ruona

Keith was shocked when his doctors told him he needed spinal surgery or he would never walk again. But after surgery, he was still weak and using a walker. That’s when he started aquatic therapy.

“Pool therapy has been absolutely critical to my recovery process, especially in re-building muscle strength, range of motion and restoring my balance.” Today Keith walks with a cane and a spring in his step. “I like the one-on-one therapy I get in the pool. The therapists are right there, hands-on, observing, and modifying so I’m gaining the most from every visit. I can literally feel the progress I’m making. I feel on top of the world! You folks have restored my confidence and given me the desire to go on.”

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT” ~ Marc Rodrigue, Lewiston

Marc Rodrigue knew he would need surgery for the herniated disk in his back, but he wanted to postpone it until he was ready to take the time off work. “My wife sees Greater Brunswick PT, for chronic neck pain. She swears by them so I got a referral for my sciatica. Brunswick PT did me a world of good. Brunswick PT helped me manage the pain until I was ready to have surgery. Afterwards she helped speed the recovery process. I’d recommend Greater Brunswick PT to anyone in pain as an option to try before surgery.”

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT” ~ Margaret McCloskey, Hebron

Margaret McCloskey lived with sciatic pain for years. Finally her doctor referred her to Greater Brunswick PT – Auburn.

“My pain was gone after just a few sessions with Greater Brunswick PT. When I was through I transitioned seamlessly to yoga therapy with Tammy LeBlanc.” GBPT shares space with Yoga Center of Maine in Auburn and the two therapies are complementary. Greater Brunswick PT and Tammy exchanged notes, working together to enhance my care. Greater Brunswick PT gave me stretching exercises, which I do in combination with my yoga now. I appreciate the team approach to healing – and being a part of the team. I’m getting so much more than I bargained for. Not only is my pain gone, my blood pressure is lower, and so are my stress levels.”

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT” ~ Mary McGloin, Brunswick

Mary McGloin suffered with neck pain for years. Last winter, when the pain spread to her right arm, a neurologist diagnosed cervical stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal at the neck.

“The pain was so bad I couldn’t get to sleep at night without taking a pill. The treatment I received at Greater Brunswick PT made it go away. Then in the spring I over did it, working in my garden and the pain in my arm returned. Amazingly, one visit to GBPT was all it took to bring me back. I learned that living with a chronic condition I have to pace myself and keep doing the exercises my therapist gave me. I’m just glad GBPT is there when I need them.”

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT” ~ Paul Monroe, Brunswick

Massage therapy student, Paul Monroe, chose to see Donna Maria Bordeaux at Greater Brunswick PT’s satellite clinic in Harpswell as part of his experiential training for the Downeast School of Massage.

“The therapy room, with its views of Casco Bay and artful decor more felt more like a comfortable place to hang out than a clinic. Greater Brunswick PT used a number of manual techniques to fine-tune areas of resistance in my body. I hadn’t gone in with any specific complaints, but I came away with more openness in my shoulders and sacrum. They also opened my chest and abdomen through myofascial work on my right arm and rib cage, allowing me to breathe deeper and more smoothly than I have since I was a kid.”

“I’m Glad I chose Greater Brunswick PT” ~ Rick Tetrev, Woolwich

Rick Tetrev experienced chronic back and shoulder pain, even after surgery, and as a result could barely move his arm. Greater Brunswick PT helped him become pain-free and regain full range of motion

“They were so great I asked my doctor for another referral, to see if their magic hands could help my hip pain. I’d lived with that for over 20 years and was convinced that I’d eventually need a hip replacement. Within six months the pain was gone. I’m a golf addict; I play every day. Not only do I get out of bed pain-free since my hip treatment, I’ve even shaved a few strokes off my game.”

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT ” ~ Sara Bumby, New Gloucester

Sara Bumby was experiencing severe lower back and hip pain in the third trimester of her pregnancy.

“The baby was pressing on my sacroiliac joint and the pain seemed to get worse every day. It was so bad I could barely walk across the grocery store and I couldn’t sleep, so my physician referred me to Greater Brunswick PT – Auburn.

“From the very first visit, I felt relief from the pain and pressure. It was amazing. Greater Brunswick PT was awesome. They were very pleasant and they really listened to me. Plus they made my pain go away, so they became a gods in my eyes.” Nine weeks after the birth, Sara is pain-free and son Calvin is doing fine.

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT” ~ Shirley Davis

“In 2003 I had rotator cuff surgery which also involved having a tendon reattached and calcium deposits removed,” says Shirley Davis. “A friend who’d had a hip replacement recommended Greater Brunswick PT – Auburn, so I asked my doctor for a referral. I was honestly afraid that I would never regain my range of motion. They were calm and gentle, and very reassuring. They answered all my questions and helped me understand the techniques they used. They were very effective. I have really great range of motion now and it’s Greater Brunswick PT’s therapy that got me there.”

“I’m Glad I Chose Greater Brunswick PT” ~ Tisha Turner

Tisha had increasing pain and tightness in her shoulder, exacerbated by the long hours she spent in her car. Working with an osteopath, she got a referral to Greater Brunswick PT – Auburn.

“Greater Brunswick PT and I had an excellent rapport. I think the myofascial work that Pam did was exactly what I needed. It was very subtle, but as they were working on me I could actually feel muscles and tension releasing. They gave me stretches and strength training exercises. I’ve incorporated them into my routine and it’s really helped me maintain the ground I gained during therapy.”